Durable Tabs

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PostIt Durable Filing Tabs 686LGBR Green Blue  Red
PostIt Durable Index Tabs 686PGO Pink Green  Orange
PostIt Durable Tabs 686A1 Angled Hanging File

Post-It Durable Tabs 686A-1 Angled Hanging File

Code: 305.027.000
Stock level: 1
PostIt Durable Tabs 686F1 Filing

Post-It Durable Tabs 686F-1 Filing

Code: 305.027.100
Stock level: 4
PostIt Durable Tabs 686F1BB Brights Assorted

Post-It Durable Tabs 686F-1BB Brights Assorted

Code: 305.026.500
Stock level: 1
PostIt Durable Tabs 686F50BL Blue

Post-It Durable Tabs 686F-50BL Blue

Code: 305.027.102
Stock level: 7
PostIt Durable Tabs 686F50RD Red

Post-It Durable Tabs 686F-50RD Red

Code: 305.027.103
Stock level: 8
PostIt Durable Tabs 686F50YW Yellow
PostIt Durable Tabs 686LPGO Pink Green  Orange

Post-It Durable Tabs 686L-PGO Pink, Green & Orange

Code: 305.027.200
Stock level: 2
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